Bandar Damai Perdana property price

21 August 2012
Over the past week just before this Raya week we have been busy, bukan busy persiapan raya tapi busy mencari rumah. Seperti tahun lepas, persiapan Raya kami as a small family tambah pulak apartment ni bersepah sebab tengah pindah keluar, sangat sederhana.

So on the first day of Raya after all the makan-makan, kami sambung pencarian rumah di bahagian southern Klang Valley. Kami nampak ada iklan tentang Bandar Damai Perdana, so without online research, we thought we could give it a try dan kami pun menuju la ke sales gallery. Memang dekat dengan rumah my parents.

I am narrating this based on my Husband's nyer story. I dengan Aisyah tak keluar ke sales gallery sebab hujan lebat sangat.

  • Rumah 2-storey terrace, 24' x 75' - besar la ni..
  • Harga rumah intermediate RM 800K - ok lagi la, tapi dah kira mahal la. Ni macam above average.
  • Harga rumah end lot tak ingat
  • Harga rumah corner lot RM 1.6 M - yang ni Husband memang blurted out "what da heck??!!"
OK memang tak pernah aa tengok lagi harga rumah corner lot 2x ganda daripada intermediate lot. Yang shabby gila tu sebab salesperson tu punya alasan: "because we have a balcony" and "it has extra 20 feet land" . Alasan tak masuk akal langsung, semua corner lot memang macam tu *geleng kepala*

Oleh itu kami meninggalkan kawasan jajahan Cheras dengan perasaan yang agak bewildered dan bengang. 

Nah ni brochure rumah.

International Baby Expo 2012: hasil tangkapan

11 August 2012
Just got back from the International Baby Expo at KL Convention Centre. It is probably the best venue to hold trade exhibition such as this. Utmost important is the venue is spacious, unlike Mom & Baby Expo 2012 kat Mid Valley Exhibition Centre haritu, we were literally brushing against each other. Crowd was huge, it was.. but it wasn't so much to do with the crowd - it was the pathway yang kecik sangat. Needless to say, our shopping experience kat MVEC tu was terrible. Kalau yang carry pushchair tu mesti lagi susah.. I didn't. I was carrying Aisyah in my tummy :)

Anyway back to the IBEX story, best venue also because the parking was free - for me :) Office was just literally next door.

Dah 3 bulan tak datang office, singgah kejap to pick up my letters. Kantoi dengan member yang datang office buat keje - weekend duduk rumah la Rosita oi. hehe.

Sorry no pictures of the expo - I was in a rush despite bringing a camera --> excuse je tu, truth is I was hesitant. But below are my hasil tangkapan for the day..

Been wanting to buy peek-a-boo books for little Aisyah. These two are for RM 50 (RM 28 each). Typical price for these kinda books are between RM 39-41 each.. so it's a good catch. *tangkap masuk net*

Rompers with messages. RM 15 for one, RM 35 for three. Another kedai offered 3 for RM 40. I amik yang ni. Lepas beli rasa segan plak haha what da heck.

Yang ni saja snap. For my Mama's amusement.

One of the items in my shopping list crossed! Prior to coming, memang fervently hoping that ada barang ni. Medela Citystyle Cooler Bag. If bought by itself, it costed RM 199 but if bought with any Medela breastpumps, the cooler bag costed RM 150. If bought by itself, RM 199 is the cheapest so far that I have surveyed, so I rembat je la. Actual price RM 269 and some online shops offered 240+. Mommy needs to be stylish while carrying the essentials to work too :D *picturing me carrying Coleman bag*

Singgah Autumnz booth. Nursing bra for RM 24. Ada a good mix of nursing bras sold between RM 24-29 whereas actual price usually RM 39 gitu. And Neuners nursing tea for RM 24 (save RM 8) as well as Autumnz milk storage bag (I saved RM 3).

Missing from the traders' list this time was Lunatots. Thought of stocking up another cloth diaper or two. And I was disappointed that another item I was eyeing for was absent - milk booster supplements in view of me coming back to work soon. So terpaksalah settle that for nursing tea. Salesman tu pelik agaknya tengok I asik sniff the smell of the tea as I was contemplating on making the purchase..coz it didn't smell pleasant. Oh well...

Dynas' punya nursing attire pun ada but after money spent on the bag I decided maybe next time.. I have bought some in the past and love them (harga mahal, but good quality and beautiful designs)

Registration freebies. Kena register dulu baru masuk ini expo. Ada complimentary voucher from Amvory for tummy slimming detox or intensive eye therapy..hmm I already have so much spa vouchers yet so little time having Aisyah, bila mau pegi ni..

OK kali ni takde sangat barang2 merepek (read: non-related) sold here. Last time kat MVEC ada booth jual Ajinomoto. Seriously, who would want to buy an Ajinomoto at a baby/mother-themed exhibition? Probably the closest to non-related was women's pyjamas. (I overheard the salesgirl mengadu kat makcik stall sebelah cakap kedai dia takde orang datang, d'oh). And some weird biscuits but the tagline was Mom's Favourite Biscuits or something like that. But it wasn't something to do with increasing milk supply so I don't know what it is.

Other participants:
- Grolier
- Postpartum wellness, spa yada yada..
- Cellsafe
- Pureen, Avent etc

Took us about 3 hours before we headed back home. Money well spent.

Newborn Mothers and Sleep Deprivation

09 August 2012
Comments/questions I always get, be it from friends, neighbours, strangers even one makcik cleaner at our apartment typically revolve around nighttime with the baby: "tak cukup tido la malam ye" or "amacam night shift?" and comments sewaktu dengannya.

While I was pregnant, sleep deprivation is one of my most feared prospect of being a mother. Having to endure KL traffic in the wee hours of morning and going home late (since getting married I usually try to leave office by 5.30 pm tapi kadang2 ada terlepas jugak sampai 8 pm or so..), sleeping is a very important nighttime activity. I could not recall how many times I almost terlanggar bumper kereta orang almost dozing off while driving in a traffic jam. *ketuk kepala* *tampar pipi* *bukak tingkap to let fresh air in* *headbanging dkt windscreen even!*---> cara2 tahan ngantuk in the car

So it was a relief to know that nighttime is almost a breeze with little Aisyah. Sure, sometimes she does go cranky at night but so far I never had instances of sleep deprivation. I will put her to bed at 11.30-12 am; anytime beyond 12 am, she will go very cranky. And typically the next time she wakes up crying for mommy's milk would be 6.30 am. All this while while I'm still on leave, we would wake up at 9-10 am so that's 9-10 hours of sleep *eee lambat nye bangun mak nya kan*.

Basically Aisyah behaves very well at night! She does make some movements especially when she hears noises or ruffles, but she will sleep soon after, especially when being fed. So whenever other mums related to how little sleep they have, I tend to wonder why..

Is it because they are being bottle fed rather than breastfeed? I feed her in sleeping position (sleeping on my side) and more often than not, I will fall asleep while feeding her so while I woke up feeling achy all over my body, I woke up tido cukup jugak laa.  (believe me, when you were in breastfeeding sleeping position, the position of the arm extending causes my arm sengal2, adoii)

Or is it because the baby sleeps during the day? I will always try to wake Aisyah up if she sleeps more hours than usual during the day. Usually she doesn't, so that keeps me occupied at daytime.

Or maybe a baby is often cranky at night even after all his/her needs are being tended to? *yang ni kesian kat mak ayah dia*

I don't have an answer but I think the best in coping with the sleep deprivation problem is to change the baby's sleep pattern i.e. wake her up during the day, keep her occupied with something else tapi easier said than done la agaknya kot...

Well little Aisyah, keep on sleeping peacefully at night and mommy will have a good day :)

nurinkhairi as Wife and Mother

08 August 2012
Assalamualaikum warahmatullah.

Decided to reactivate my blog again after a long hiatus. Well, it wasn't exactly a hiatus sebab memang I decided to stop altogether last time. Why not? After leaving England, come the working life and I have nothing interesting to blog about my working life. *yawn* I am an engineer working in Golden Triangle of Kuala Lumpur and the closest thing to anything interesting about my daily life is the traffic jam (ye la tuh - macam nak cakap keje I boring sangat la for any readers to know about).

My inspiration to blog again is the birth of our first princess, Aisyah Hana and the factor that permits it is time. I am still on my maternity leave and my daily activity, besides tending to my daughter is couching in front of the computer with my Aisyah.

Hope I could continue posting despite my crazy working life when I do do get back to work very soon. Till then, love from


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