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08 August 2012
Assalamualaikum warahmatullah.

Decided to reactivate my blog again after a long hiatus. Well, it wasn't exactly a hiatus sebab memang I decided to stop altogether last time. Why not? After leaving England, come the working life and I have nothing interesting to blog about my working life. *yawn* I am an engineer working in Golden Triangle of Kuala Lumpur and the closest thing to anything interesting about my daily life is the traffic jam (ye la tuh - macam nak cakap keje I boring sangat la for any readers to know about).

My inspiration to blog again is the birth of our first princess, Aisyah Hana and the factor that permits it is time. I am still on my maternity leave and my daily activity, besides tending to my daughter is couching in front of the computer with my Aisyah.

Hope I could continue posting despite my crazy working life when I do do get back to work very soon. Till then, love from



  1. Alaa.. da habis baca all ur blog entries! Obviously, x de aktiviti sgt masa pantang ni. Previously ada blog jugak la ye? Hehehe..mind to share?

    1. tak banyak sangat blog entries kat sini..tak menyempat nak update! previously ada blog jugak tapi blog address nye sama je..nurinkhairi.blogspot jugak. tapi dah padam semua entry huhu sayang pulak sbb time2 waktu student kat uk dulu!


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