Minister's Suite at Palace of Golden Horses

10 September 2012
Had an great weekend with Hubby. Despite checking in very late, we had an awesome one night's stay at the Minister's Suite at Palace of Golden Horses, Mines Seri Kembangan. It was a free gift after we signed up for their Vacation Club. By 12 noon next day, we checked out and went to Rawang for some agenda.

We didn't really manage to check out the resort's facilities but that's because we will be definitely be coming back many more times here. What's more it's just like, 20 minutes away from my parents' house?

Jom tengok gambar!

Shower, bidet and toilet. First time nampak bidet kat Malaysia. Bathtub dgn sink not shown in picture

The bedroom. Taken from balcony. It's huuge. 

There's a door that separates the bedroom from the living room 
The living room. Judging from the sofa beds yang ada, ramai orang boleh muat ini bilik and tido dengan selesa. Next time we're coming here, I think we can invite our family, just for the fun of staying at the hotel :)

A toilet at the living room side

View from balcony

Tapi kan.. kalau nak ambik deco dia buat ilham..ambience dia klasik sangat. Nampak macam mewah style la , tp not my taste. Hah!

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