Klinik Swasta atau Klinik Kerajaan?

30 October 2012
Recently I went fo do little Aisyah punya immunisation for 3 months, which is way past due since she was almost 5 months at the time. I had a day off so conveniently I took her to a klinik kerajaan nearby. Last two times I went to GP clinic, so initially pergi ke klinik kerajaan memang agak kekok..

Firstly, waktu nak daftar nurse tanya where's Aisyah's other immunisation book. Biasanya kalau baby lahir, the hospital akan bagi 2 buku (pink or blue, depending on your baby gender) - one is slightly thicker than the other. Yang less thicker, memang dah tulis terang2 untuk simpan kat klinik. The thicker one is for our own keep.

But I had both with me. Waktu kat klinik GP dulu, doktor tu suruh simpan je buku tebal tu, xyah bawak. So ended up I bawak buku nipis tu je. Nurse kat klinik kerajaan tu cakap "sepatutnya buku nipis ni simpan kat klinik". My sister (who is a final year med student) affirmed it. So next time kena bawak buku tebal tu jugak. In the end buku nipis tu simpan kat klinik tu.

Secondly, before immunisation was given. nurse akan tanya about baby's development/progress and compare it against typical baby's development. I found it pleasant (tambah pulak nurse tu baik and selalu senyum), sebab klinik GP x de pun tanya camtu. Dia just timbang berat, jab, and off you go. 

Masa nak timbang dia suruh baby bukak baju (including her nappy). I was hesitant at first, terpinga2 even, sampai banyak kali kena tanya my sister betul ke kena bukak semua baju. Dia kata kat kerajaan memang camtu procedure dia. I thought that should give a more accurate reading of the weight and all.. but that's not important..more important is, I found that my trip to klinik kerajaan is more wholesome and more pleasant.

Kena tunggu lama tu biasala. Taknak tunggu lama, datang la awal kan.

Since little Aisyah's immunisation book is already kept in the clinic, I plan to continue bringing her there. Problem is, I'm gonna have to take a half day off or something la. 

Anything for my baby :)

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