Picnic Basket

17 October 2012
After eyeing for this and contemplating whether to purchase or not purchase for more than a month, I decided to go ahead and splurge for this..

  ..Picnic basket!

The picture shows a comparison against a typical mug. It's huge! It can even be baby Aisyah's playpen..err..except it's not stable enough la.  

It can fit a lot of your picnic stuffs in there. My point is, it is convenient to bring around your cooked meal, say, for a kenduri, or a potluck. Many a time I had to wrap my cake or pyrex bowl with only a cling film, and carry it around (presumably less unhygienically) without a nice bag to put it in. This can serve just that. Tapi make sure you bawak barang setanding with its size la..nanti bawak basket punya besar, barang dalam ciput je.

I saw this at Genting Sempah's R&R at Karak Highway. After passing there for a number of times in the last month, I finally decided to purchase a couple of weeks back. It was RM 85, after I haggled from RM 95. 

Now the question is how to make full use of it.. Currently I'm saving space by stuffing Aisyah's stuffs in there....

Good as a wedding gift too :)

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