Claiming my Clinelle products

06 November 2012
So I finally managed to slip out of the office to claim my prize which I won about two weeks ago in a radio contest. Pergi awal just before 11am to avoid lunch rush and came back at 12.10 camtu. Of course being an honest employee, I covered the time taken for me to go out. I was working through lunch and after 5 pm. (Ala mananya pernah kami semua tak complete keje 8 jam sehari, terlebih2 ada lah..huh)

I was driving from KLCC to Tropicana City Mall, its head office. Agak jauh aa but thank god for the Sprint Highway, it took me only about 20 mins one way to reach the place. 

It was very quick, it took me less than 5 minutes to claim my prize.

Look what I was entitled to. 

  • Clinelle Ingenius Optimizer Daily Booster 
  • Clinelle Skin Smoothing Scrub
  • Clinelle SnoWhite Mask
  • Clinelle Hydra Firm Night Cream
Initially on the day, I call sebab nak dapat Clarins product, which was offered earlier than Clinelle, but on the same day. But I wasn't the 8th caller through, so I tried for Clinelle. Tiba2 rezeki dapat pulak..alhamdulillah.

I am not a skincare regime kinda person but I know I should somehow start. Minat jugak dengan Optimizer Daily Booster since it's meant for aging skin..haha. I guess I don;t have the boost coz my skin has been so perfect and smooth (err..perasan). Anyway, hope this is the boost I need. 

Thank you Capital FM.

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