Feeding On Bottles

27 November 2012
While I was in my confinement (pantang), it took me a while until it knocked me that I need to start to train her using bottles for feeding. It was at about the 3rd week or 4th week when I started, but due to kemalasan, they weren't frequent. It was also mainly because I got tired trying to feed baby Aisyah. She continuously refused being fed in bottles and cried and cried.

I was sorta taking advantage of having my husband feed her and deal with all the tantrums because there are tips on having somebody else, not the mother yang feed the baby. Because the baby would recognize his/her mummy's body smell and rasa pelik kenapa  guna cara yang dia tak familiar with. But his crazy working hours means he's always tired and not around. Jadi I wasn't disciplined enough to do it.

One month before I masuk keje semula, bells started ringing in my head. Panik gila. I had visions that I had to take some unpaid leaves (or worse, quit) sebab my baby couldn't feed EBM (expressed breast milk) on bottles therefore I have to be with her all the time. 

I turned to facebook to luahkan perasaan. My mak angkat back in my Sheffield days was one of those who responded. It was a very comforting and reassuring coment she  made. She said, "Teruskan (cuba bagi EBM), baby takkan biarkan diri kebuluran, when mum isn't there dia akan minum jugak"

It was a tough first week for Aisyah since I came back to work. But she has been OK since, and true enough to my mak angkat's word, my worry was shifted to maintaining EBM stock.

For those who worry about your baby not able to bottle feed, I say worry not. Please start bottle milk (EBM) very early and be persistent. InsyaAllah

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