Mines South Lake Cruise

15 November 2012
And so on a Deepavali public holiday, two of my siblings, my mum, baby Aisyah and I went to Mines Shopping Centre. It has been so long since I last went there, thought the place already dead, but it wasn't quite, really. Tujuan pergi was to utilize free vouchers for 4 adults for Mines water cruise which Hubby and I obtained upon signing up for Palace Vacation Club.

Before that, kami sibuk jugak nak beratur for free Starbucks drinks . Each person received two drinks, so you see there was a very long queue in front and behind us. There were the Red Bean + Green Tea Frappucino and Caramel + Tea Jelly Frappucino, but we couldn't finish the green tea one..tak sedap.

Anyway, off we went for the water cruise. My sister's friend called it "longkang cruise". It wasn't far from the truth. The ride we got was free but people queueing in front of me paid hundreds (like RM 100-200) for their families to hop on. The ticket costed RM 30+ per adult, I felt it was a ripoff.

Dato' Kadir Sheikh Fadzil's house

Cruising through the canal, or should I say, through shops' backdoors?

It wasn't worth going. But hey, at least it's free.

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