Renovation Expo and Mother Baby Kids Expo, Nov 2012 @ PWTC - verdict: Disapponting

03 November 2012
Just came back from there this evening. If you are contemplating to go there, I suggest you skip this one. Since there were two themes for the expo, lagi satu ada Mother, Baby and Kids Expo (MBK) from the same organizer, Hubby and I were expecting throngs of people. But it wasn't for the Renovation Expo, ni mesti sebab ada Homedec Part 1 and Part 2 just finished last week, so I guess the timing was really bad. 

The Renovation Expo was the bigger scale out of the two. Tapi sadly memang noticeably tak ramai orang. Expect a lot of vendors selling water filters and kuali, bukannya renovation per se pun. As for the Mother Baby Kids Expo, it was much smaller scale, tapi yang tu ramai orang, but still tak ramai macam kat Midvalley dulu (some motherhood expo or somethin)..since the last time any such event was in August kot kalau tak silap. 

And since the place was small, it was congested. Don't bring your pushchair if you have a baby carrier. You can circle the whole area in less than an hour and we were like, "Is that all?". Tempat untuk baby expo ni tak strategic - you gonna have to traverse through the whole Renovation Expo, seberang the sungai and naik tingkat atas untuk sampai baby expo. Untuk ibu mengandung, kesian tau.

I couldn't find what I wanted kat MBK expo. Kalau ada pun, harga dia tak la murah sangat pun compared to previous expo, so I ended up not buying what I targetted. I bought Aisyah's pyjama for RM 18.00 and Hubby bought a cap (RM 12 or somethin...)

All in all, it was a waste of my precious weekend with Hubby where it could be channelled elsewhere. We spent the rest of day got lost in traffic and trapped in traffic jam for 3 hours. It was a mix of a lot of traffic lights, sesat and accident at Jalan Tun Razak. Not a good day. I keep in mind that will not go for this organizer punya expo next time. That's how bad it made me feel. Haha.

Again, if you are contemplating to go, I suggest you go for a picnic instead. 

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