The First Years: Breastflow Bottles

03 December 2012

Did you do researches before buying bottles for baby  feeding? I know my husband did. I was packing the unused bottles when I realized how many types of bottles that we have bought.

Has anyone ever bought this brand? Breastflow from The First Years. In the picture, it's the botol yang kiri sekali. I know I have never heard of this from blog2 yang I baca. Only Hubby yang tau. Apparently the bottle works like how milk supposed to flow from mommy's breast since it has a double wall making it harder for milk to flow as easily as normal bottles. Well, it was a failure to baby Aisyah.

We thought that during transition between bottles and direct feeding, she would probably find it easier to feed with bottles thus she would reject breast feeding, something that mothers don't want, since, well, bottles are supposed to be lagi senang, constant supply (kalau bukan constant supply maksudnya botol tu kosong ataupun tersumbat ye tak) and tak payah susah2. Hence the Breastflow bottles came about.

But it turned out that she had a very hard time to feed on bottles rather than breast milk. We bought this one whole box, sekarang ni tak tau nak buat apa. Bought it for about RM 60+ kot for 4 bottles (2 besar, 2 kecik)

So when we learnt about it, Hubby said "Well that's what I learnt in med school.." (the fact that baby susah nak feed on breasts kalau dah dapat botol). But apparently ramai mommies out there who had the same problem as I was, which was, babies tak nak feed on bottles tapi nak dengan mommy je. We learnt then to buy bottles in moderation. Beli satu at a time sebab kita taktau if the baby suka ke tak.

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