Mix FM Battle of The Sexes n Calling The Radio

08 January 2013
Have you tried calling in a radio station to join a contest? My activity ni is the thing I do to kill my boredom in the car, caught in traffic jam sorg2 dlm kereta mengharungi kota metropolitan kuala lumpur ni.

But what I noticed was how hard to listen to the DJ if I were to call in. That may explain why some people yang call, contohnya untuk spelling contest kan.. Kadang2 soalan senang2 pun tak dpt jawab.

Macam tadi petang, ada caller call for Spell Bound spelling contest kat Lite FM, my fav radio station (my sister said I'm old, listening to songs that were hits when I wasn't even born yet), DJ tu suruh org tu spell 'promethean' (definition: one who is boldly creative) tapi orang tu were not sure, then he spelled it as 'provincial'. In all defence, agak susah jugak la perkataan hari ni nk kena eja..

Tp kalau call radio (setakat ni ada pengalaman call Astro radios n Capital FM je la) mmg kene listen hard dari telefon. Tak boleh environment bising..or sia2 je u call, esp kalau contest tu ada quiz bagai..

It's not like diorg mmg talk direct through a phone's mouthpiece or anything kan.. So bunyi pun cam sayup2 pun ada.

Anyway, actually just to update that I have won a RM 100 joining Mix FM's Battle of The Sexes sbnrnye.. Before the contest this morning, both girls n guys tied at 2-2. 2 points girls, 2 points girls. In case people do not know, there are two contestants n the male caller gets female-related q's and vice versa for the female.

With my winning I made the girls jump one spot further, yeay.. Usually at the end of the month, the gender yang kalah will impose either JD or Dilly (the DJs) to kena some type of penalty.. . I hope the girls win this time round so that Dilly doesnt have to do anythg nasty like what she has to do for losing for December.. Clean truck tyres with toothbrush.. Ouch!!

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