Hair salon yang sesuai untuk wanita bertudung

26 February 2013
Last week I went as far as Kepong (from KLCC), amik cuti half day, just to do my hair! Haritu ada beli Groupon for hair treatment package for RM 75 instread of RM 388. It includes:

  • Either:
    - Shiseido hair rebonding (RM258 value)
    - Shiseido relaxing treatment (RM258 value)
    - Wella cold perm (RM188 value)
    - Wella hair colouring (RM158 value)
  • Professional cut (RM45 value)
  • Wash and blow (RM25 value)
  • Scalp protector treatment (RM60 value)

Why did I go to as far as Kepong? Nama kedai ni is Modello's Hair Boutique kat Taman Usahawan Kepong. Because in Groupon, this shop wrote that it has a private room available for 1 person upon booking. I wanted to check it out. I have been patronizing my neighborhood salon, macam biasa aa pasal rambut2 ni I trust Chinese la yang buatkan, tapi kat my neighborhood ni dia ok jugak, ada langsir boleh cover meja yang I tengah buat rambut. But downside is, dia memang visible from every other customer, so customer akan nampak and tanya kenapa ada langsir tu. Tak suka jugak sebab ada pernah customer yang laser sket mulut dia pun ada. 

So for somebody who wears tudung, I wish it could be more convenient for me to get my hair treatment, which is usually once a year. Memang I dah siap2 cakap I nak hairdresser pompuan. Even the morning before I go pun, I already called the salon and tell him I want a female hairdresser and want to use the private room. Sekali bila sampai, orang laki yang approach I. I tanya la dia, rupanya he will do my hair. Aik! So I said to him la I specifically wanted  a female. Nasib ada sorang female hairdresser. Time I datang tu takde customer, time I balik pun xde. Weekdays kot. 

Ni dia punya tempat wash, the hairdresser also did the scalp treatment there (part of the package). I really like the private room, it is so spacious and tempat basuh rambut pun dalam tu jugak. Compared dengan kat my neighborhood, sempit (sebab tutup dengan langsir je), takde privacy and kalau nak basuh still kena keluar from the langsir (tapi dia tolong la balut kepala). So it was a refreshing change while I was here.

I nak buat relaxing and I cakap dengan dia. Sekali tu dia promo la buat 'soft rebonding' (initially I have no idea what it was). Dia kata relaxing tak tahan lama, and rebonding pulak memang I takkan buat.. nanti jadi macam hantu Korea, like what my husband said. I biasa buat relaxing je, it looks natural and eliminates the frizziness. Tapi pandai pulak dia promo, tergoda pulak. And like I anticipated, I needed to top up. I had to top up RM 68 for the soft rebonding - I was told that it lasts longer, thus reducing the chance of having to do it often (bukannya I selalu buat pun, last I did was 1.5 years ago..) since it involves chemicals.

That was the first time I used this heater above, and they even tonged my hair as part of the procedure. Guess it paid to go for another salon for a refreshing change ey? At the back of that heater kat atas, ada cermin which they covered, I guess to ensure that the room stays private from outside kot.

All in all, on top of the RM 75 which I paid via Groupon, I was also RM 128 poorer..haha.

RM 68 - top up for soft rebonding
RM 50 - the hairdresser, she convinced me to buy some hair treatment, to make my hair shiny and tak kusut
RM 10 - top up coz potong rambut shoulder length (part of T&C dalam Groupon)

But I think I like the outcome :)

Postscript 15 May: Setelah beberapa bulan buat relaxing rambut ni, I concluded that I actually dont like the outcome. Rambut I cam ada sket frizz (cam dia terbang2 sket kalau fan laju), and I am the sinusitic kind, so mmg annoying sbb gatal! Even though I was told that this relaxing yg I topup harga ni will make my relaxed hair last longer. Lagi satu, I buat layered hair..I mmg biasa buat layer. Tapi yang kali ni adoi tak cantik la layer dia after a while.. Tak nmpk layer dh. I concluded that I think mmg bttr off pegi my trusted hometown salon. Lgpun salon ni kat kepong mmg tak la i nak pegi lg..

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