Hotel Green Park Temerloh - Review

08 March 2013

Haritu I blogged about Hotel Jelai Temerloh. Last Wednesday, baby Aisyah and I stayed at Hotel Green Park Temerloh pulak, for the same reason: coz Hubby was working and his rumah bujang ada housemates dia.

This is a standalone hotel, bukan rumah kedai macam Hotel Jelai. Externally it looks better la..more spacious. Ada taman sikit2, and parking pun berlambak2 dalam perkarangan hotel dia. I lebih rasa selamat parking kat dalam hotel ni berbanding dengan Hotel Jelai la kan..sebab kat Jelai depan rumah2 kedai biasa je. Externally and interior, nampak la hotel ni memang hotel yang lama.. Tengok furniture dia, tv, even the bathroom tiles nampak lama sungguh. Even the comforter dah berbulu2.  But I'm not complaining.. I'm here for a safe one night stay, not resort vacation.

Staff who attended to me was really friendly. At the reception it wrote 'free wifi' as part of the package. But I was told that the lady receptionist that I called earlier said that there is no wifi except at the lobby. He (receptionist tu) replied that forbthevtime being they're having problems with wifi and they are fighting to get the connection back to all the rooms.

Coz I said that the lack of wifi caused me of wanting to choose other hotels than this hotel. Sebanarnya memang betul pun, nak pegi Hotel Jelai je sebenarnya, (ada wifi free kat all rooms), tapi sebab hotel dia fully booked untuk 2-person room (bilik family ada la), jadi tu yang kena pegi Green Park.

Because of my comment, he changed my room to be the one just next to the lobby supaya saya boleh dapat wifi connection from lobby.  He even said next time kalau nak datang, request for Room 105 (bilik tu memang sebelah je dengan lobby). Worth to mention that the room is spacey, which is a plus point. And I don't have to turn my head from the bed to watch a tv

Astro ada 2 channels je (AEC dgn ESPN). Hot shower available. Takde minibar for this room (hotel Jelai ada minibar utk bilik family je - mahal sikit). Takde breakfast. Security good - bilik ada double locks. Rate for my room - queen size bed - is RM 88.00 - sama dengan kat Hotel Jelai.

I think I would choose to go here again, provided that they can give me Room 105 tu, or if wifi dah ok in all rooms. Or else, I would go to Hotel Jelai.

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  1. Pergi bulan february 2014 lepas, wifi telah ade di semua bilik. Kami pun prefer hotel ni kalo g temerloh...


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