Part 3 : Buat US Visa Untuk Baby/Kanak-kanak

27 April 2013

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Applicants under the age of 14 tak perlu untuk hadir for interview if his/her parents have applied and have been granted US visa. Mula2 I did not know that, nasib la lepas research2 sket baru I realized. Senang la tak payah go and fetch my baby pulak just to bring her to the interview.

These are the documents needed for applicants below 14:

1. DS-160 confirmation page (baca sini for filling up DS-160)
2. Resit asal Standard Chartered yang bayar visa fee
3. Passport asal
4. Birth cert asal 
5. 1 copy of birth cert photocopy
6. Father and mother's visa page dalam passport tu (1 copy each)
7. Father and mother's biodata page dalam passport tu (yang page depan passport) - 1 copy each
8. Father's employment confirmation letter
9. Mother's employment confirmation letter

These list is for typical case la..i.e. kalau both parents ikut and both parents keje. If for any enquiries, call la call center diorang. 

Applying for below 14 tak perlu buat kat US embassy..hanya passkan kat officer kat US Visa Collection Center kat Wisma MCA. They call it 'dropbox facility' even though I did not see any dropbox..haha.

Applying for your child/children would mean that you will have to obtain your visa first. If you want to pick up your visa at Wisma MCA at the same time you would like to apply for your child/children, orang kat Collection Center tu ada photocopy machine..tanya je if boleh guna. 

Usually you can pick your child's visa the next day after 3pm. TAPI TAPI..diorang tak kasik amik dropbox visa lepas 3 pm.. (what da heck). Jadi the safest bet is after 2 days baru la datang k..I haritu pegi amik after 3 pm, dia tak kasik. Guard kata dropbox tak boleh lepas 3 pm, which was NEVER mentioned in any of the notifications. They gave us a slip of paper and kasik kad kecik untuk collect visa, tapi tak penah mention pasal amik sebelum pukul 3 for children below 14 using dropbox facility! Buang masa I disitu datang tanpa hasil.. Geram jugak la..

In the end selesai jugak la applying visa for the three of us.. Tak lama lagi akan ke US..

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