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I blogged since I was in the university. On the eve of New Year in Clarkson Street, Sheffield of United Kingdom, I watched through my room window, the beautiful fireworks of the night celebrating the mark of 2007.

And thinking it was cool if I get to document my UK student life in a blog.

And so I did. 2007.

My last post was on the day of my university results reveal. I have deleted all my posts since I started a new leaf with the same domain (so sad..)

Since 2012, I blogged in Bahasa Melayu and mainly driven to write about my home and my relatively newfound passion in organizing and crafts since moving to a new home. 

I sporadically call myself 'nurin' in this blog. You can call me nurin, though well, nurinkhairi is not my real name. 

It was supposed to me my future daughter's name (can you imagine I thought this through when I was still in uni??!!). But after my husband found it out, he did not think using 'khairi' as a middle name of a girl's name is a good idea. (his middle name is also 'khairi' though.. and that was not a coincident)

I am a mother of three and a wife to one husband, and an oil & gas engineer. I tend to be analytical, thus you may see me analyzing our big-ticket purchases in Excel or documenting cost-saves. 

I was the one with a bit of a 'cheapskate' side, and after marrying my husband, I learnt his tendency for bargain and good quality. We are in both extremes but Alhamdulillah we complement very well. 

Read about our story in this blog :)

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